The good the bad and the neutral

I understand some would want to throw tomatoes at me for saying so, but Episode 3 might be my favorite Star Wars episode. And I think that Lucas was trying to pass some message through that movie, or maybe through the whole series. And it seems some even made a religion out of his messages –Jediism.

The Jedi’s problem was they were trying to null the dark side, and they never quite made it. And on the other hand the Sith were trying to do the same to the light side. However, both were subjected to the same Force, and that Force was neither good nor bad, as it was driving both sides.

But what is good and what is bad in the first place? If ten people made a village and decided to have their homes, their cattle and so on and then another showed up and stole their cattle, secretly set their homes alight and acted against their will he would be the bad guy. He wouldn’t be bad because he would destroy things, as those ten could also agree to destroy as well. They could agree to chop down trees to make houses out of, and that would be destruction too. He would be bad as he would act against their will , and he would be bad for them alone. And if there was a Force, it would be behind both sides.

Allow me to disagree that somebody once acted against God. That never occurred, if God is the creator of all. And I’d prefer to use the term ‘Force’ rather than ‘God’, as God has been made to appear as something like a human with super powers who wills some things but doesn’t will other things that occur, as if those things didn’t occur due to his own creation.

And there is a reason why a single bad guy can prevail over ten good guys. And that reason is those ten good guys reject him. They reject their whole potential which includes the light as well as the dark side as well as any other possible color. And the guy is there to remind them so. And the more they reject that lesson, the more it will get pounded on them.

In ways unknown to me it appears we did once agree to be good. We agreed to preserve the black universe and the lifeforms therein, and that’s what good is. But oppose the bad guys, whomever you think those are, and you will find them stuck on your face. Reject your potential -yourself- and you will find it there calling for you to accept it. Accept it, and you will no longer have to have it –you are it. You don’t need to become evil in doing so, but know that evil is your own creation. You can pat the devil on the head, without needing to adhere to his cult. Your basic substance is neither made of evil nor goodness. Those are but creations. And other things could be conceived as well. Your basic substance is that which makes substances –creator, not creation, not a thing, a maker of things.

It’s true, in this universe there are supposed to be penalties for being evil. This is a rule of the game, a rule of life, as we want to preserve it for all of us, and to preserve all of us, and in a good shape. And those who play well will be happy, rewarded. But know that in doing so you should better not oppose your any of those things that stand on your way of preserving life, and those things are you. And you will have an easy time opposing nothing. And you will win at life by merely intending so. And things will fall into their place, and the universe will conspire to make want you wish to happen, as if by magic –it will be you.

The devil draws power because of the hugs he doesn’t receive. God might be the creator of all (including the devil), but the devil made this place (God too). Quit putting the blame on him, if you don’t wish to be his victim. You could only make a victim out of your own self. I’d honestly want to go give him a hug, after all he’s done for me.


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