About making problems

A problem posed is as good as it’s solution offered. And before you take that solution, make sure you thoroughly know what it is.

To point out problems just to do so is not any more productive than in creating people with problems, particularly if you consider we are the source of them.

It isn’t hard to create people with problems as others have been busy doing it throughout all their lives, and people in turn have been doing it to each other as well as onto themselves.

So you assert relationships are bad. Well what’s your solution? Do you intend to make them good (what is good? Is it good for all?) or blow them up? And what then (give details)?

Capitalism is bad. OK. So I threw all my money in the trash bin and the bank collected it. Is it better now?

Know there is no inherently bad thing, but not thoroughly understanding it, and denial of causing it makes it so.

And above that, why not define what you want in detail and go for it regardless of problems you might encounter, instead of the opposite?


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