In his image

In the material universe, in nature opposites attract and combine with each other. The + particle sticks with the – particle, the strong animal eats the weak and so on. The universe is held together like that.

However, that isn’t true when it comes to spirits. There is no chance you’re going to combine with a weak one and be strong. Either the strong will lift the weak up, or the weak will pull the strong down, if they combine. The happy will make you happy, or you will make him unhappy, if you are. And if you feel like failing around successful people, it might be that you experience some pretense of a success, or that you wish for their failure yourself or you’re just not interested to succeed in what they succeed.

Spirits tend to put themselves upon the other as they communicate, and eventually combine with each other, that’s why being true is so vital. One will combine with what he projects. So he should better project what he really is. Otherwise to stumble upon disagreements is almost inevitable.


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