Different perspectives

I guess if I cared to go after things that I considered rubbish, I could as well win. But some don’t get that what might be valueable for one could be rubbish for another.

We must all have more or less the same goals, appearance, speech, thoughts, likes/dislikes…

Well it isn’t like that. I’ve known people who’ve had their fun keeping score how many they had gotten laid with in a particular period of time, and they were like ‘what’s with that guy not playing? He seems to have problems blah blah…’ Of course I ought to do it too, although that scene made me feel emetic with it’s fake communication and liking, and the derogatory gossip that followed afterwards.

Well, I didn’t do it but I did find somebody who we shared something more genuine together. We didn’t have to lie, hide and it was all much much greater that it could had been if I had taken the other route. But go explain that to the other guys… Why should I anyway? She was a goddess, but nobody ever got to hear about her from them. They’re probably still figuring out ‘my problems’.

Nobody evaluates for me what’s good for me, and I don’t do that for others, either. And for as long as I’ve been keeping that up, my own perspective pure, I’ve been happier and happier. And I understand what success might be for me, might not be for another. Leave alone that I couldn’t be ‘good’ at things I didn’t genuinely like, want. I’m terrible at hitting on women, and generally at convincing others. I’ll never be good. But I don’t need to.

Up on top beings agree over what they are, bottom down they agree over what they are not. In-between each one goes his own way. I don’t know if that is understandable. But it might be cool to leave some mystery to be figured out.


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