Rules and freedom

To have strict, loose or no rules could be good or bad, depending on taste. But to make rules unknown means to make freedom unknown as well.

Freedom is the gap between rules. It isn’t anything in particular, but it can be something. In being free one controls himself.

To say you have ‘freedom of speech’ and then bash at somebody for saying something, to coax people to make their own business and then unpredictably bash at them for doing so (with taxes and so on) is to remove control from them, after you have granted it to them. And that’s some confusing stuff.

Rules must be known for freedom to exist in between them. Otherwise one starves to know them, he asks for them, wonders about them, and he becomes subjected to whomever gives them. And that person can then give any rules he wants. That is ‘corruption’.

Have you ever had a job that you didn’t know what exactly was expected of you? How about a relationship? Undefined rules and freedoms put one in doubt. And he goes in doubt about whether he can control himself or not too, leave alone the environment, his job.

It’s alright to say you have a free relationship (depending upon taste) but are you really free and do you really allow the other to be free to do anything he/she wants as well as not do nothing at all? Then what’s the relationship?

Are immigrants allowed to migrate or not? If you don’t want them, don’t let them, leave alone to invite them. Otherwise you will have chaos.

Unknown rules is the weak, dishonest man’s way to control others, through their own uncertainty. “You’re free to make your business but the mafia will pass whenever it chooses to, to collect it’s dues, which will be what it chooses them to be”. Consequently, as others become subjected to that, they play like that too.

And if you don’t want to be subjected to such a thing, better know the rules before you play the game.

Each joint activity should start with ‘what are the rules?’ -should there be any- so you can be free, and so you can have a choice whether you want to play or not.


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