The vast majority of accusations I’ve heard in my life being addressed to one or another have been as logical as “people with noses have done bad things. You have a nose too, thus you’re bad”.

And if you follow this sort of logic you might as well wind up to conclusions like that we’re all good, bad, victims, guilty and son on. Or that all people belonging to some particular group(s) are so.

It doesn’t take any great intelligence to find similarities among people, and categorize them, or assume they’re all the same. That’s a rather lazy way of (not really) seeing things. And as one does that for others he can do it for himself as well or visa versa. It takes intelligence to find differences among them. It also takes intelligence to find differences between any thing and any instance of time compared to another. And it also takes some capacity to observe present time, instead of dwelling in and evaluating based on past incidents that no longer exist.

And I am one who has asserted we are all basically made of the same stuff –infinity. However, infinity can have an infinity of perspectives, expressions, wants, tastes. Infinity is not a thing. It is potential for things. And if somebody is darn good at it, he can ‘find’ this common point and be in alignment with all. But what if not?

I must confess I do discriminate, although I don’t based on whether one has a nose nor his based on his body’s skin tone nor other groups he might belong to. I discriminate based on what each person truly wants on each given time. So I also try to be good at knowing that.

Nice people always assume that -like them- no others want to suffer. So they go to hell and try to force some out, and they wind up staying there themselves instead. And I’d suggest to not try to force, for you will be forced yourself.

It isn’t true that all suffering is involuntary. Some do want it. And those who can’t tolerate that, might as well follow them down, instead. And I discriminate enough to tell you if you don’t want it, don’t do it.

Help if you want, but do stand your ground while you do so. Be yourself, be how you want to be, and help those who want it, not those who reject it, and not those who force you do it, for they wont receive it.

Don’t try to convince anyone that you are not a donkey, while he is convinced and insists and tries to prove you are that. Don’t try to help him out like that. Help those who want to know what you are. And if you have something good to give, only then they will realize it. Otherwise you might as well forget about it yourself.


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