The past

I know what I’m going to write will sound familiar to you, but pay attention as sometimes apparently tiny details can make big difference. And they have made difference to me.

At some point something I realized about myself was that I was holding the past in present in order to know and that didn’t quite serve me well.  I quit doing so, to my great relief and other good consequences which are many and very significant.

As we consider that the past is unchangeable, unchangeable things we bring in present, when we bring the past in present. And that could also mean unchangeable chains. All those past decisions, feelings, thoughts belong in their time, not in the now. If I created my present and future based on my past conclusions, decisions I would recreate the past in the present and in the future. Why should I –particularly if I didn’t want it?

For me, all there is to know is now.

An incident occurs, and then it’s like it had never occured. It has no effect on me. I could recall it. But why should I?

Only if I choose to hold something to know in time (like a job schedule) can that exist for me, for as long as I do so.

So I would like to suggest something that has been suggested to me as well: Always look forward and never look back. And if you think that the forward is a blank, I’d say that’s good news. Now you can fill it with what you like.


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