Another’s articles gave me the idea to write this one. So, I should give him credit before I do so.

I like to write fast and get over with it. So, I often within a sentence include things I could include inside a book or more.

I have referred to this topic before, but I’d like to make something clearer: You, your very basic being, your true self doesn’t need any help. Only things that you are not could use some. Your body could be one of those things, and your mentality, could be another. Anything that you don’t see clearly as it is, could be helped by you, by your mere seeing it as it is.

And a good first step in my doing so was to see that I wasn’t those things. And I’m so grateful to the guy who first pointed that out to me. So, I only relay what I received.

Being very stubborn, I used to struggle a lot with spirituality, and I wasn’t making it to the degree I should. And that truth changed the whole game for me. It was as if a cord had been cut, and from that point on I could work things out for and by myself. It’s like I was in the middle of a war, and for the first time I had my own weapon –and I was that weapon.

You might have noticed the ironic pointing out at poor people that they could pick themselves up, help themselves out of poverty –words spoken by people that aren’t poor. Well, it takes wealth to make the poor wealthy. And you have -actually are- all the wealth you would ever need.

You can start picking yourself up by merely realizing that it is not you who is down, whenever ‘you’ feel like it.

You could never be brought down. Nothing could ever happen to you. And all the problems you might think you’ve had, the weakness, suffering you might have experienced are not really your own, any more than a computer game character’s problems are the gamer’s problems. You are fully independent, free, powerful and whether you will grant that to other things (like your body) or not, is your call in each and every moment.


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