Who would be glad about it?

One could easily trace the source of his problem -if he makes any- by knowing who that problem would make one glad, pleased, profit…

This applies to personal, social or any other problems. Who wants it?

We’re told they’re accidental or inevitable. They aren’t.

Who wants violence in the streets? Who wins by it? How?

Who wants somebody to be poor? Who would be please by it? Or who would get mad if he wasn’t? …

Who wants depression? Does anybody win?

How about sexism?

I’m not a spoilsport to give all answers for all (I don’t have all answers for all, anyway) but one could do that by and for himself. Some get upset if I give answers. They don’t want spoilers. Others get upset when they think my finger is pointed at them. That’s fine. Do it by yourselves. I never cared to make any courts.

But let tell you about this little thing: There is a way to like everything and it doesn’t take any mysticism nor any mystical science to achieve, and that is by only blending with and engaging in what you like, and poof your dislikes would be gone. Why don’t you do it? Who wouldn’t want that? Who would run out of business? Who profits from other’s misery?

Have fun.

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