I must admit that I haven’t been completely honest in my articles. In my effort to be understood, to not get some people triggered, I have been filtering my thoughts, words. And maybe some did understand me better, that way. But it was a mistake nevertheless for I wish to talk to people that are closer to my wavelength, and not try to appear nice to those who aren’t. So I will be more blunt from now on, and let those who are prone to getting triggered, be that, for nothing.

A very good friend told me a while ago I give her strength. And I take that as a super compliment, as that’s what I want. I hope I can do that all the time.

I have made up my mind about it: I’m going to go through whatever I am to go through for the sole purpose of more truth.

I believe to be comfortably dumb is only comfortable for as long as the drug lasts. In the meanwhile you might be having your body raped in a friendly party, by the guys who gave you the drug, and that you voluntarily agreed to take. And when you wake up you aren’t going to like that. So better don’t take the drug. Better face what is to be faced, and know who your friends are and whether you are a friend of yourself. Choose the right pill, that is. Otherwise you might need even more wrong pills to forget all that. And that would be some vicious cycle…

I also believe that the truth doesn’t hurt, and it is not troublesome either. But the way there from a drugged state might have you wake up to what had been going on while you were tripping. Well, you gotta face it.

Truth, freedom, love, all those things we consider good take strength. To ask from another to be quiet, to not be him/herself so you wont get triggered is no road to freedom. The way is to face it so thoroughly it wont have any bad effect on you. After all, words are words. And words about a body are not words about you, anyway.

You are not any tiny spiritual butterfly inside a human body either. Your body is only part of your whole being, instead. You are much greater than it. Your body cannot take much without becoming a mashed potato, but nothing can happen to you. It’s only your protecting it and thinking you were it that made you feel weak, if that ever happened. But it isn’t true.

The more you realize your true being the freer you will be to think and act with your body too. And the less things will annoy you and the less you will be thinking that you need protection that you never really need. And what do you know, the free you are, the freer you will be to love too. Would you really expect from someone busy protecting and worshiping his/her body to be able to love? No, he/she would sacrifice you for the sake of it, instead. Would you think that somebody who compulsively attacks so he/she wont get attacked to be strong? It would take nothing to have such a person freak out.

When you know yourself, you will never need to defend yourself, for nothing can happen to you.

When I am very aware spiritually I don’t relax in the sense of becoming a rag. I relax for I know nothing is happening to me, and on the same time I feel strong for I’m free to make things happen.


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