Violence of words

What is a word? It’s a sound one hears that another make, or a bunch of symbols one looks at on a screen or a piece of paper. Words have no meaning and no power of their own, but the power and meaning that one imagines as he hears or reads them.

How could somebody’s words ever harm anybody? Only if one imagined so, could they.

Times when methods of control were violent are long gone for most. We are no longer put in any iron maidens, nor in any electric shock chairs for thinking the wrong thoughts and daring to speak them, so that somebody can keep his dirty secrets hidden. Times have changed. Wars are now wars of the mind.

As one gets trained to think instead of perceiving, he swaps perceived reality for the reality of the mind, and words can then -only then- have meaning and power. They have the meaning and power one grants them by himself, what he has been trained to do, and thus he can also be victimized by that too.

You may look outside and see there are no words floating anywhere, nor is there any meaning and power attached to them, but what one grants them himself.


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