Other’s problems

If you had a magic button, and you went around to people and told me that you had one and if they pressed it all their problems would disappear, many or most would respond like “oh…” and walk away.

You hear complains about this and that all the time, don’t make the mistake to assume that complains mean that somebody wants to resolve something. No, he wants it more there, that’s why he complains. I used to make that false assumption myself, so I was trying to resolve their problems and it didn’t quite work out. And in time I was getting the idea I couldn’t resolve problems, and that wasn’t true.

There is a difference between communicating in order to resolve something and in order to perpetuate it. You see when you resolve something, it changes towards improvement or it is no longer there. And when you communicate to perpetuate it, you perpetuate it or even increase it. And if you had somebody press that magic button he would say “but I don’t see anything” as problems would be gone, and he wouldn’t quite like it, as problems-posing would be his favorite sport.

Don’t make the mistake to assume that because another has a problem you could, will or should get it too. No, that’s about how few manage to rule the world. They make something untrue, a problem for the rest, and the rest eagerly buy it and entertain themselves with it. And it is a characteristic of problems to be assigned to wrong people. That means one puts and sees it on another, instead of taking responsibility for having it himself. And they put that entertainment above the fact it is a sort of a decaying entertainment that limits them. They wont want that magic button. They will want what gives them trouble, or what pretends to help them but gives them more trouble, in actuality. They are responsible for that, and you are responsible for what you do unto yourself too.


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