Is disagreement anger, resentment? Does it mean you oppose something?

As one gets used to the game of trying to dominate other’s thinking with his own, or just make their thinking disappear, he can get such ideas a. But the truth of the matter is if you agree with another’s demise that he himself agrees with too, you disagree with the being itself. And if many agree to destroy each other and themselves, you’ll need to disagree with that if you’re to actually offer something beneficial to them.

To agree with a person and to agree with some idea he has are not the same thing. To support a person and to support his ideas are not the same thing either. What if a friend was being tricked into believing something, would you support the trickery or disagree with it and point it out so the person could see it?

It becomes unfortunate  when persons who identify themselves (become) with all sorts of thoughts very thoroughly, so as to no longer be able to tolerate disagreement, and take it as opposition and become very fragile and easily irritated and take all disagreement as opposition. It isn’t true -by the way- that you are your thoughts, but you are nevertheless their maker. And if I wanted to agree with somebody’s hostile mindset, I would hostile too in turn. Do you see how that works? If somebody’s low you’ll need to disagree with his being low to pull him up. And although you’ll be disagreeing with the being low, you’ll be agreeing with the person (not the person’s ideas). As it isn’t his true nature to be low, otherwise one would be content as such and without drugs.

When somebody tells you your problems are real, and you ought to compromise (adapt) with them, or fight them (and later on wind up compromising, as that’s where that leads to) he agrees with your problems, not with you. He agrees with what troubles you, with what you initially disagreed with and yet got overwhelmed and convinced by in time, and eventually ‘accepted’ them. You’ll need to make clear to yourself first, what you wish to support. And if you support a person, the core of the person, there doesn’t need to be any opposition against ideas either. For them are fragile things, perpetuated and increased only as much and for as long as they are agreed upon and then resisted against.


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