A game played too much

I’ve had various experiences with various people. But past my childhood years despite where I was and with whom, most of the time two things occurred: courts and psychoanalysis.

It occurred in school, at work, on the road, at home and pretty must everywhere. Don’t  them guys ever get tired? I am tired, too unwilling to play. I am quite clever, and I could easily prove one guilty and prove mental and other wrongness. But hey, that feels sick to me.

I let them roar by themselves, not necessarily towards me, but towards any direction, and then pound how positive they are. Those who do it to others do it to me as easily. It isn’t about those others nor about me, it is about them. And I’m supposed to take nonsense seriously, and pretend to agree, or at least not disagree, so they wont have their feelings hurt and take revenge for the next 50 years. Well, that feels sick.

And I have been to many many places (jobs etc) trying to find people that are not so obsessed with that, but it’s never occurred –not once. I only found relative freedom from that by working by myself –almost by myself, and associate only with people of my own choice, who are somewhat special and not obsessed in what ways people they don’t know are wrong and guilty.


3 thoughts on “A game played too much

  1. I have to admit to feeling something similar, Spyros; just an overwhelming exhaustion and disgust about people in general, and interacting with them. My social circle has become quite small because of it… lol!

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