Harm done

If you excuse and don’t recognize harm done by yourself, you wont see it as harm when done to you by another either.

And if you blame another for what you do, you will blame a third for what another does to you as well as to others.

And this is a way how ‘what goes around comes around’ and how one becomes victimized by his own actions. One needs to agree that the harmful is good to allow it unto himself.

You’ll want to know the truth, so you re-experience it from different perspectives, until you understand it.

How is it that people that agree to love and support each other become the most bitter enemies and then they go shake hands with and even consult with people that resent and envy them? They’re not each other’s problem. Something else is, that they fail to recognize. One will most likely fight against that which he is open to and is open to him too. What suppresses him (harm that is not recognized as harm) cannot be fought back, it can only be obeyed.


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