Worshiping death?

A few days ago, a nearby fast food restaurant caught fire. Actually there was an explosion too, and an accountant died.

I got told about it so many times by so many people, even by people don’t live around here. And there are still fresh buckets of flowers outside the restaurant, and as I was passing outside today it occurred to me that woman (the accountant) mustn’t have received that many flowers during her whole lifetime.

She must have been another human, going through the usual stuff most go through, getting no more attention than the rest, having rivalries with others and so on. But now she is a hero.

Oh praise, value, respect and support dead people receive. A soulless body is more valuable than an alive human being or it’s as if she was being congratulated for while, while beforehand she wouldn’t deserve such a thing. She was just another human who shouldn’t have too high an idea of herself, but now she’s made it.

I don’t mean any disrespect towards her nor other dead ones. I’m pointing out that if was getting all that support while alive, if she was being rewarded and respected for being alive. If the life within her was granted value, she wouldn’t had died.

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