Hate towards groups

I have friends (close or not that close) from various religions, political groups, countries, sexes and so on. I never asked which group somebody belonged to before I befriended him. But I did care whether he is hateful, how permanently and how much. I can solve that too. But I don’t want to solve it all the time.

The very hateful ones don’t show it. The guys that oppose and openly insult some group or person are not that hateful. The very hateful ones work inside and for the group they oppose, or so they pretend. And the things they preach inside that group is what gets the group destroyed. It isn’t the opponent that destroys it.

Countries and other groups don’t fall because of other countries and other groups. You might find that a group got dominated by another, at one time or another. But if you are smart enough to look through the victim’s mentality (which can be very convincing) you will see that group had also done the same prior to that, to others or to itself. And then it kept inventing reason to sit and get beaten over and over, and the more it complained about it the more it got beaten. That applies to individuals too.

You aren’t going to solve your problem by destroying an enemy. You are going to solve it by solving yourself and your own group.

If you invade you will get invaded. Nobody has any right inside the private space of another, whether that is an individual’s private space, a group’s, a couple’s… All are meant to be self-driven, and if they lose that they will lose it because they say so, even if they invite exterior forces to conquer them. And they will lose it only because they disrespect the self-driving of themselves and of another. There is no excuse for that.

Don’t fall for the ‘strong conqueror’s’ image. Individuals and groups that cause humiliation, get humiliated in turn.

Right now, the most pleasant places to live are those that respect individual spaces the most. They give that respect and they take it back and with very low firepower. They don’t put children in concentration camps to indoctrinate them into the ‘righteous’ ways, or not that much. They don’t lust for punishment. They’re more interested in being good themselves than in forcing the neighbor behave. And so they don’t need to sit and get beaten either, feeling guilty for what they do themselves.


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