Mathematics, a limited science

A guy buys a chocolate that costs 1$, and another guys buy another chocolate that costs 1$ and you’d think they both have 2 chocolates, but they don’t.

‘2 chocolates’ means nothing as the chocolate one bought and the chocolate the other bought are not necessarily the same. They might be of different brand, they might have different composition, different expiration date and so many other ‘what-ifs’. Yet we use the same currency for both…

It becomes even more absurd when you say ‘2 guys’. There aren’t any 2 guys. Each one is quite different from the other and cannot be categorized as the same.

You hear a guy whining about his break-up and another joins in and asks “how long were you together?” And the guy says “3 months…”. “It isn’t that much” the other says. “I broke up after 2 years.” And you have the impression that each hour, day, month that one spent with his girlfriend is the same as the other, and that those two girlfriends were the same, and that the couples loved each other the same, and so many other assumptions. And so the one with the 3 months would hurt less or something, one would think. And that is mathematical thinking. But it isn’t truth.

Mathematics measures quantity that is supposed to be the same, yet it isn’t. There just aren’t two same apples anywhere. And it completely omits quality. To work, it must assume everything is the same. And a person who thinks everything is the same is utterly stupid. Much like those guys who demand from millions to pay for ‘collective’ bank depts that few have benefited from. The stupid will compare you to and treat you like they’d treat the average or the worst. They’ll never get to know you. They’ll say and do the darnedest things that will leave you wondering how come they do them.

Mathematics applies in atoms and other particles that are almost identical but it doesn’t apply to broader life. Unless you only associate with people who have thoroughly become robots -as that is the goal of some- you will never know 2 people, you will never have 2 friends, boyfriends, girlfriends. Many or few friends wont be of much significance either. And each moment with them will be different than the other.


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