The ‘powerful evil’

This is one of the greatest lies of the past thousands of years –that evil is powerful or that power is evil.

Evil is not allowed to be powerful. It is not allowed to be free, able. Evil people are not healthy. They are not capable of logic. They don’t do well; as whomever continuously uses his ability, freedom, power, sanity to harm, loses it.

You can’t argue with a truly evil person. His only argument will be that you are wrong, that he is right, that he speaks on behalf of some unshakeable, general, ‘well known’ truth, ‘reality’, ‘God’, ‘the people’… This way he can be convincing, though not really make sense, if analyzed with a ‘clear head’ and his assertations cannot be observed. He seeks to hypnotise, and not really be understood; as he can’t afford to be honest, having so much to hide. And he will always point out something bad, or something good which isn’t really that good.

He seeks to be above others in status and to control others minds so as to use their power and ability. And he makes it to the degree the rest fall for his tricks.

An outraged man or woman is most often not evil, but might be under the influence of one, who pretends to be on their side. And so might soldiers be as well. But evil rarely -if ever- fights, although it could attack very weak ones like children, torture prisoners after they have been defeated, rape their women, stash the loot and so on. However, it is the obvious fighters that get fought back and take the blame and feel the pain and the guilts. And so in time they fall to evil’s level, to the degree they codemn all force, refrain from using and experiencing any force, and thus become dominated by the weak, sick, evil ones and only due to their false convictions.


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