Getting what you don’t want

Imagine this silly thing: There is a nail, you think to yourself “I wouldn’t want to get stubbed by this nail, noway” so you go there and push against the nail with your hand, and tada you just stubbed your hand with the nail.

That’s as rational as entertaining thoughts about what you don’t want and  like; how to avoid those things, how to destroy them, how to block them, change them, and how you probably, maybe certainly can’t do either…you just bring them into existence that way, and then you push against them to make them even more convincing.

The way to get something is to create it. And the way to not get it is to not create it. By creating the opposite, you get the opposite. That’s how simple it is.

Push yourself to lose weight, and you’re going to get a tendency to gain weight as well. Why? Because you create that tendency too. You create the whole picture. Keep that in mind. You’re responsible for both sides.

Don’t do anything about, against what you don’t want. You’ll need to put it there before you can do something about and against it. Better keep it simple and just create what you want in present…if that’s what you want. Just leave that nail alone, or better quit putting it there.

You can create your nice mood instead of trying to figure out where your bad mood comes from, or trying to change or suppress it.

And force nothing. As the need to force something, implies there is an opposite to force against. And that whole packet is your own.


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