Do good people have a rough time?

Of course before I wrote about that, I should also write about what ‘good people’ means.

It could take a while to explain that, I’ll just sum it up roughly by saying ‘people that don’t habitualy harm any more than they assist themselves as well as everybody/everything else’. And add to that ‘despite appearances’. Good manners don’t do a good person –not necessarily.

Do they have it more rough than others?

What I’ve observed is that good people tend to have more demands from themselves (to be good) search more, change more, and put themselves in tougher conditions, such as speaking the truth at risk of other things. They feel guilt, pain, pleasure and a wide variety of emotions more easily, as they don’t need to be occupied with hiding their intentions 24/7. They’re more liable to go up and down, which gives others the impression they’re less reliable, stable. If they hate they’re more liable to express it, as a chronically hateful one becomes more interested and skilled in concealing it, and even projecting and convincing of the exact opposite. So, good guys also tend to take more blame. And they also tend to engage in more fighting, while others might put them to fight and laugh about it.

Also, they are definitely more perceptive of themselves as well as of others, and what they perceive is closer to what is there. It appears that they have a more rough time than others but that’s because they can, because they are more alive, and more expressive (honest).

If you think that’s tough, understand that the others have it tougher. They need to assume everybody else is evil and out to destroy them in order to excuse themselves for being that. They live a nightmare, and in a constant struggle to get above others so they can control and destroy them –particularly the ones that openly oppose them, which is rare. Now that’s tough. And it has a number of other harsh implications. Go give a bad guy a flower to comfort him (I’m joking, don’t do it. He’ll probably think you’re trying to kill him or something.)


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