‘Treat others how you want to be treated’

Of course, as you know, this is stolen from Christianity, and maybe other religions too. I only wish to add some different interpretation.

For me ethics don’t have to do with others. It is not something you do or don’t do so another wont get harmed, so you wont be punished.

Treat another as inferior, and the sense of superiority this will give you will fade away, and you will feel the inferiority yourself.

Spirits neither feel nor operate like animals. The animal part of ‘you’ is your body. And yes, in mother nature the strongest and most ruthless survive, the rest submit. That is how they were built to operate –domination.

But spirits have a different relation to each other. What you create for another spirit, you create for yourself. And even if your body’s senses and your thinking could hinder that for a while, you experience it too.

If you wish to be treated like a queen, create unto your partner a king, not an harlequin.For the arrogance will fade, and the humiliation will arrive, and you will need more boot-kissing to not longer feel like a peasant inside your own castle, and it will never be enough. That is the vanity of drugs, of delusion.


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