Past scars and traumas

Has it ever occured to you that a person who was angry or otherwise irritated at another, talk to you and -without any obvious reason- was angry at you too? That is one of the nearly infinite flaws of thinking with the past.

It is a flaw because the past doesn’t exist in present, but thinking with the past brings the past into present. That is what makes people react irrationally. That is how a past painful incident can seem to affect a person in person.

Initially that only exists for the person who does it to himself, but as he connects with others, he passes that irrationality to others too. And that done by many becomes collective agreement. One punches at another inside a bar and then you have the whole bar become a ring.

This does not occur by itself, one actually does that to himself by merely using past knowledge (memories) -whether that knowledge is true or false- in present. And as one does that, the knowledge becomes more and more false, as it’s less and less related to present. One can get a ‘trauma’, become scarred by past experiences, and scar his present and future with those, by merely using the past to know the present and future.

Why not just know the present and future then? Well, for starters, that wouldn’t give one a good mark at school where he’s asked to hold the past in suspension (parrot) so as to ‘succeed’ in that test. The past gets rewarded by those that want it, but it fails in life. I couldn’t even possibly write this article without using the past, as you wouldn’t understand much if I just described my present to you; or maybe I wouldn’t have much to say. I’d have to imagine something to say, and I’d know my imagination is imagination and not ‘reality’. We agree to communicate with the past…unless we don’t.

To deal with that nobody has to get drugged, and spend endless money and time in sessions that might as well bring little to no positive effects, most often with greater side effects. One needs to be the master of his own thinking. t

I deem it a fundamental right of mine to be that, and I don’t believe anybody has any greater right over my thinking than myself; despite what some knowledgeable professionals claim. I don’t get paid to agree with them and repeat them, like your free media does. Nor am I scared I’ll get labeled bad by the bad ones. I’d only be scared of losing the favor of myself.

Just like nobody should be obliged to have sex with anybody. Nobody should be obliged to have his thinking space invaded by other’s thoughts either. Nobody should be obliged to communicate. Rights are not obligations. Nobody ought to think of anything without his/her free will. That is a kind of rape too, but a different type of, and sadly ‘normalised’ in a brutal, sugar-coated pseudocivilization that goes berzerk when adults fight and education when tiny, weak fellows get fought, and then allows few -the worst ones- to profit from others pain and poverty, so they can later on play the messiahs and ‘save’ them with slave labor. Nobody would agree to that collective agreement if he was free, if he didn’t take certain convictions as truth, and that’s why those convictions exist.

To be free within yourself, your thinking, is the first (and maybe the last too) step in being free among others too. You can’t have a free body if it’s controller is owned. And you can’t have a genuinely free society with people parroting freedomistic propagandas given by others. The solution is not for the half to turn against the other half. The solution is personal freedom first. Social (group) freedom will follow. As groups are made of individuals, not visa versa.

And this freedom is coming. It has been on the way for a while. Otherwise I couldn’t had said that without getting put inside some medieval torture device, or arrested and electric shocked for not being politically correct. But we need some more to be fully there.


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