‘Standing your ground’, what it is, what it is not

I consider this important. It can make a huge difference in one’s life –to stand your ground or not. That is why I’d like to clarify it, so one wont get perplexed and actually do it and enjoy it’s benefits.

Like with everything else, this is not for all. Most think of ‘standing one’s ground’ as attacking or repelling an attack. However, that is how one’s own ground is lost, when it comes to one’s very own personal ground, and not the ground that one’s body is standing on. I’m talking about spiritual ‘ground’, spiritual space –one’s own distict thinking space.

Why would I care about such a thing in the first place? The reason has to do with communication. Communication is everywhere in life. It is between two or more humans that speak and perceive each other’s speech or between a rock and a human that perceives that rock. Wherever there is a unit and another and one perceives the other, or creates something to be perceived by the other, there is communication. No communication no life.

Disturbing communication, communication between opposites tends to nullify space between those who communicate, if they let it.

In physics, when two opposite poles are put in proximity, electricity occurs between them, and if they are not held in place by something stronger than the resulting attraction that the electric charge creates, they snap onto each other and become like one.

Something similar can occur to somebody’s attention too. Disturbance can make one’s attention be fixed onto something if he allows it to. It works like electric charge.

Has it ever occured to you, to have your attention fixed on somebody after picking a fight or having some other sort of upsetting communication? It’s as if you two had snapped onto each other, no?

You could try to forget about it, but that wouldn’t quite do the trick. It would be like trying to insert some thin, black  sheet of paper between the opposite poles, while those poles were still snapped. That wouldn’t necessarily unsnap them.

The trick is done by standing your ground and putting the other back to it’s own ground as well. If your uncle that called you and upset you is in France, he has no place in your thinking now, unless you deliberately think of him. You can deliberately think of anything, nothing is wrong with that. There is no more thought police. But what if you can’t stop yourself from thinking something?

I have already talked about perceiving present time. To perceive present space, is another element of importance. But before you can perceive space, you must of course have some space to perceive. If you’re surrounded by things that are snapped of you because of disturbance, then where is your space? There ought to be some space between where you perceive from and what you perceive, otherwise you can’t even perceive it; you might think you have become it instead.

That is about how one becomes what he resists. Well, he doesn’t really become it, but that snaps on him to the degree it dominates his thinking and he them perceives it as himself.

It is always nice to know that all those disturbing things are not really part of yourself. But to be that you will need to make a tiny bit of a sacrifice; you will need to displease all those that tell you that power is evil. For without any power you will not be able to hold charged opposite poles apart.

It is the moment you give up (after you’ve put out a fight) that you become one with what you oppose. And that process can be reversed, or not occur at all, as it all occurs in present.

No, I’m not asking you to go out and fight, so as to create more opposition, but you ought to be able to. That is to say, you need to be able to hold onto your own space.

Abusing power is losing power. And those who’ve lost it or are in the process of losing it, will always think of power as abuse. They will be allergic to it. But to be sovereign you need it, and as sovereign you have it. A mad dictator would never allow the citizens to have power, he would want it all for himself, and he would have none of his own (personally). Whether through blunt threats or a false sense of compassion he will demand or whine and complain for the people to give it up.

If you wish to be honest, you need some power. If the moment you wish to speak your truth you get scared and sit and consider of all those who would oppose it (they snap on you) you wont do it, but you might as well fight against it yourself, fight against yourself. You will need to be yourself and by yourself first, before you can gently and lovingly connect with others, not because of pity, not because of fear, not to -overtly or covertly- destroy but because of genuine love, if it exists.

Holding things apart and perceiving them puts them back to their place and time. That’s all it takes. The mere knowing they’re not actually here and now can be enough. It doesn’t take any fighting, unless you want to have another snap onto something you put, if you want to upset and confuse him, and lose your own power.

If somebody attacked you and you could just sit comfortably and perceive, he might harm himself, but not you.

Have space, allow space. Have power, allow power. Have love, allow love. Be yourself, allow another be himself. It doesn’t work like that in the animal kingdom, but it works like that with spirits. Why? if you can employ it you’re not afraid of it, and you can let another employ it too. And if you don’t abuse it, you don’t have an evil perception of it. And if you could allow yourself and allow all the rest, you’d laugh at claims that your freedom means to take another’s freedom away.


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