Changing reality

Perhaps the most significant problem you will ever have, is the problem that is not acknowledged to be one. The lie that is accepted as truth.

If you grew up on en elephant you would hardly notice there is one 15 years later. Even worse if your whole family or friends circle did the same, nobody would even think there is such a thing as not being on a elephant, which is ‘reality’, ‘normal’ and so on.

Problems form pyramids. On a basic one less basic ones get built, and on those even less basic one get built. And that is the reason why one can seem to drown in a spoonful of water. He actually doesn’t drown there; it is something else. He just doesn’t see it anymore as it is. And that is why thinking about it all the time leads nowhere. He actually adds more to the pile of problems instead of seeing through them.

Please differentiate between ‘accepting’ and taking a lie as truth; which could also be called ‘conviction’ or ‘belief’. Resistance leads to the conviction a lie is truth, and acceptance of a lie (no resistance) leads backwards. That is why I pound ‘sit and perceive’ all the time, and not because I want you to be apathetic. Apathy is the result of almost total conviction, the taking a lie as truth and thinking nothing can be done about it.

If you could change the basis of your thinking, the basis of your thought reality would change too. And that means fundamental changes in your life.

I aim that high in my articles and thinking, and I understand when I’m not understood. I could tell you too how to feel better, and that wouldn’t be wrong. But I aim for more basic things. In fact from that high perspective you don’t need another to help you feel better, as you control how you feel yourself. If you expect from your environment to create your feelings you will think you will need to engage into changing your environment so you will change yourself, and that will be kinda reversed. And then you might engage into politics or something.

If a solution works it works. If it needs endless struggle to work, then apparently it doesn’t. Take what you can in the beginning and work with it, then go for more. In the end you might find no work was really needed.


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