Being controlled

There is only one thing I can control, and that thing is myself. And there is only one thing I can be controlled by and that is by myself.

The controlling each other is actually putting one to control himself, whether he agrees or not, whether he likes it or not, whether he knows it or not.

If you told somebody ‘fetch me a cup of coffee’ you wouldn’t really control him, he would control himself if he did fetch that cup of coffee.

There is a sneaky philosophical perspective about life called ‘adapting to your environment’ and when it comes to human beings it means no less than ‘being controlled by your environment’. If you want to be honest, you ought to say it like that, because that’s what it’s meant to be.

In older times they used God. They said God wants this and that, so do it. They assumed some human(s) represented God, and those guys were then granted the right to speak on his behalf.

As years passed and God got a bad name, the environment started to take his place. It became the new God. ‘The environment says this and that, and you ought to be like that and act like that’ and so on. They do the same others have done with God.

In actuality those guys don’t directly control other guys. They can’t. They put them to control themselves.And they do that by triggering a reaction in them. If you can intimidate another, he will react against it by complying, so he wont have bad things he is afraid of happen to him. If you tell another ‘do as I say or no money’ he will might do the same. That’s why some want to have all the money (and others have no money), and not out of greed. It’s their desire to ‘control’ like that. Actually, it’s their desire to become God. Somebody should let them know they are God already, by the way. But God is not what they think –that judgmental old man with the beard who can’t take responsibility for his own creations and thus punishes them. Have you ever met a guy like that? If they’re really bad off, they actually do something and then the blame others for the exact thing they did themselves for the rest of their lives (Freud called that ‘projection’ by the way). They don’t even take responsibility for themselves, yet they try to control others. They’re not in charge of themselves. That’s their own self-delivered punishment. They need help not blame. But first people shouldn’t buy their delusions, leave alone to perpetuate them.

It’s very ironic to teach reaction as a method to avoid being controlled, as reaction is the way one and many seem to become controlled. If somebody rudely uttered some command and you could calmly just hear him, and not necessarily do anything about it, you wouldn’t be controlled. If somebody told you that the environment is like this and like that, and he implied that you ought to react in certain way, and you just didn’t buy it, you wouldn’t be controlled.

There can be so many ways to trigger reactions in others. And some have become professionals in studying and applying them. And I have studied them too, for it is necessary before you can resolve something to know what you resolve. And I did find some amazing things about my own reactions, at which point I no longer needed to react.

It can only enough for one to be made to think of something so as to react against it and be controlled. There doesn’t necessarily need to be anything. If you were told the aliens were attacking you might as well feel panic or excitement or something, if you believed it. Well you would be merely be reacting against a though another had given you. He would be dictating which way to control yourself.

And what do you know, reacting against non extant enemies brings those enemies into existence. What would you expect would happen if you attacked some innocent guy thinking he is your enemy? And what do you know, after you’ve failed over and over to fight against something, you apathetically accept it as cold, solid reality. And what do you know, you experience it from that point on. That’s how they do it. But they don’t really control anything themselves. Being way too weak to even control themselves, they just trigger reactions in others. That’s why I keep telling you those guys are not strong. They just project some strength to control others. Some like that strength and wish to join it, others abhor it an try to destroy it. In any case, they’re both being controlled by their own convictions.

There is only one true way for one to ‘control another’. And that way is to be the other. But then ‘one’ doesn’t control ‘another’, you see. He is not even a ‘one’. If you ever experience such intense love so as to yourself in another, you’ll understand it, and the resulting synchronicity and harmony that can exist between them. Without love, without responsibility, there is no control. There is only delusion.


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