When you’re treated wrong

People have been put through an arduous process of thinking of themselves as something much much worse than they actually are, and the same for others.

As result they crave to be made feel better for themselves and others. They desire admiration to feel beautiful, love, kindness all those good things. And they’re sometimes or often disappointed or betrayed and furtherly disappointed. And get an even worse impression of themselves and those around them.

But understand that is an exchange of impressions people have about themselves as well as of others, and it is not an exchange of truth.

He who thinks of himself as an opportunistic scam, will never experience anything else from others. He might crave for it. But he’s pretty much doomed to be taken advantage of. And then it will make sense to him why he is like that (others are like that too).

And I see it in the dating scene too. How one waits for prince or princess charming and drop by and give them all their love and loyalty or something, while they themselves give none. And that day never comes. At best they’re fooled that somebody loves when that person doesn’t, and so they go even colder than before.

You will only get the love and loyalty that you put out yourself. Be reserved, and reservations you will encounter. Be fake and you will get fooled. Love and you will be loved.


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