How to stop being a victim

If we could have two absolute opposites that of the victim and that of the non victim, one would be constantly having things happen to him by others while the other would be constantly either be making things happen or having nothing happen.

A guy goes out clubbing and he gets very bitter. He comes back and he’s all critical about everybody. One guy is bad and the other is bad etc. And although he thinks he gains something by pointing that out to himself or some other he secretly thinks is bad too, he actually whips himself. If you could view the whole scene from an exterior perspective you might find he wasn’t being any better either. But he knows he deserves better treatment, and so he protests. Well, the others might think something similar too.

How could it sound sensible if somebody asked for something he wasn’t willing to give himself? Or maybe ask from another to quit doing something (harmful) that he also did himself? How could anybody ask for another’s money if he wasn’t willing to offer something in exchange? I mean I don’t think it’s bad if you helped somebody in need, but what if the guy demanded that, what would that make him? Right, a criminal. An actual criminal might I add, that might not necessarily break the law, nor be in prison. “I demand you treat me nicely, while I treat you a worm”. “You make sacrifices to me and I’ll spare your life.” That’s your criminal.

If you like to experience something good, you need to put it there. The universe is too empty to have any expectations from it. And if everybody expected good things from others, and nobody offered, where would those good things come from? The criminal will say “well, you’re bad to each other. Be good.”. See, he will force you do it. And you will go and make things to offer to each other, and he will keep it all in his warehouse and give away bits here and there and you will be grateful to him. And he will keep pounding “be good be good” and you will say “what a nice guy…”. He surely is.

That’s what happens when people expect and don’t create themselves, or at least that’s what’s been happening to this society the past years. I don’t believe those who complain they’re not loved and want to make me feel guilty about it, although they don’t even know me at all. I believe those that love. And it’s the same with help and anything else one would consider good. But them boys and girls are very simple and don’t involved with politics which is all about complaining, and the complaining media don’t interview them either.

The only way to quit being a victim is to create your experience. The criminal will convince you everybody’s evil, everything is lost, doom is inevitable, so he can have you under his protective wings, so you will serve him. You gotta do it yourself and with those you want to. Never fight against the words you hear, for they’re just words. You can make things happen, and nobody will ever let you know…almost.


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