Signs what you read is untrue

1. It cannot be observed, perceived directly in it’s entirety. You need another to let you know; or it is partially observed and the rest are words believed by another. In other words, the exact thing you read is not there. Exaggerations aim in pointing something perceivable, and making it seem terrible by adding much more, making it appear general, or twisting what is perceivable to appear much worse.

2. Another’s asserted, perceived or exaggerated hostility or other ‘being wrong’ is used to excuse one’s own hostility or ‘being wrong’. Sometimes it is only enough for one to point out hostility in another to attack him and have others clap in admiration for him, just because they’ve seen the other roaring in anger once or twice. Of course, in such a case we’re not talking about very intelligent people. One can actually taunt another to be hostile or otherwise wrong to have something to use against him. Again, the whole picture is not perceived, but the fanaticism that hostility breeds acts as a smoke screen.

3. Last but not least, in case of opposition, when only one side is consulted and the other one is refused communication, or his communication get interpreted adversely, (as in the case of gossip) there is an obvious intention to hide truth and promote lies, to be ‘one-sided’, to accuse of ‘sins’ and conceal own ‘sins’.


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