Basic psychology for kids

I know I am not allowed to speak on behalf of psychology, and basically I’m not. In order to speak on behalf of psychology I should be a certified psychologist. I was just looking for some catch, understandable word to use, and so I thought ‘psychology’ since everybody uses it. But since psychology is a specific topic with ‘psychologically correct’ ideas I couldn’t be part of it, for I’m not aligned with most of those ideas.

For starters, since I’m Greek -or more correctly my body is- I know that psychology -being a Greek word- means ‘study of the soul’. From that perspective I could be a psychologist. And anyone who studies the soul could be one too. But since psychology demands psychologically correct opinions,  I can’t be one. I’m not correct, I have my own opinions. I try to know truth through my own observation with little to no guidance from others which I consult from time to time or not.

I wish in my youth I could had started knowing what I know now. I went through a lot of up and down and right and left to know some simple things that I can use to improve -and not to worsen- my life. And since I had a been taught some pop psychology too (not as a professional) I wish I hadn’t been taught that either. Most of my (beneficial) learning was actually getting rid of learning –information that was simply untrue or not entirely true. And not so much getting new information to replace the old.

If I was to cherry-pick something from psychology I would choose Freud’s theory of projection, which has been a very observable phenomenon by myself. (link ). I’m sure he would be condemned as a heretic, a witch-doctor, an opportunistic crook, for not being aligned with modern psychology perspectives –even more Jung who was condemned indeed. For psychologists and psychiatrists practice that ‘projection’ themselves neatly , the way they judge and condemn those they ‘help’, and then give away pamphlets against ‘stigma’ explaining to others how they shouldn’t judge and condemn the guy they themselves label ‘faulty’ in the first place.

Of course that wasn’t always the case with psychology. It used to be a wonderful subject. Anyone could write anything he wanted and call it psychology or study of the soul or something before some ‘correct’ committees emerged and attempted to ‘correctify’ the subject, much like they have done with all religion and science. At some point all science was independent and anyone could practice it and argue with other scientist. Now it’s correct. Of course now those correct echelons of it are also rich, so that makes them more correct. You can’t get more correct than rich.


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