Basics of magic

Sometimes I like to provoke reactions by using controversial terms such as ‘magic’. Call me bad, but sometimes I like to stand back have a laugh at stirring up some chaos.

As far as I know ‘magic’ has 3 basic meanings in the ears of people. 1. That of the magician, the trickster, who fools the human senses to create illusions. 2. Supernatural means to harm. 3. Supernatural means to make something happen.

Also, in all cases -or almost all- magic is tied to mystery –things (such as symbols and words) people don’t understand with ease, if at all. And I believe that this is due to some people’s desire to keep ‘making things happen’ codified and/or a secret. You know it’s one of the greatest sins, right?

In my thinking I have separated things that are supposed to be one, and married things that are supposed to be separate. I see great difference within spirituality itself (various different perspectives and practices), however I also see common points that I extend to psychology and also ‘magic’ as ‘making things happen’. I’d say ‘we all make things happen’ and another would argue ‘only God makes things happen’ and I’d reply ‘you’re right’. And that’s because I see God as that which embraces all. And if God is all, all is God too, no?

Some religions separated God from ‘his’ creations. They said God is mighty and it’s creations are his lambs. And that has a portion of truth too, as we -as human bodies- don’t have any powers at all, other than to chop wood and having sex or something. And some even have trouble with that.

If you have moral issues concerning magic, making things happen, if you see it as something harmful, understand that it is not of antagonistic nature, and if it becomes that, it just doesn’t work, it doesn’t exist. But it would put it’s practitioner to think about it all twice. For it is of the same source and it is addressed to the same source too. One cannot have actual power against himself. That’s some silly thing to think. Perfect magic would be perfect harmony among all. The ‘great wizard’ figure who has all under his harmful spell, is more on the trickster side, the guy that fools others, after he’s fooled himself. He deals in deception, but he’s way down south himself. And since he is so ‘great’ he also wants all magic for himself, and so he takes it away from himself, and he’s left with trickery.

Now, I’d like to give some tip out of own experience. It applies to me and I think it should apply to you too. If you find it useful keep it: If it appears that things don’t go your way, it is because you don’t see super-clearly which ways they’re going –either because you believe in another’s words, or recall something that doesn’t actually exist now or so many other things. You probably think something exists, when it doesn’t, or that something is like this when it’s like that. And by doing that and try to change things, you in fact alter their course which is actually that they go your way. Ironically, in trying to resolve what appears beyond your control, you put it beyond your control. And the more that occurs, the more you resist. And what do you resist but yourself? And who receives that resistance? You resist what you think things are like, but you wind up resisting yourself. You resist your own making things happen. That’s some silly circle I’ve found myself in from time to time. And although fun, it can be even funnier to get out.

Have a nice day.

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