You are not wrong

You must have experienced the effect of what harming one can have on another. One says some ‘words he didn’t mean’ (unnecessary attack) and after he snaps out of his anger he tries to make up for it by offering compensation. Well, unless he doesn’t.

And some become aware of that trick and think ‘well, if I make them all think they’ve done something wrong to me, they will offer me compensation’. And that works on some and it doesn’t work on everybody. But that’s how slavery works. It is ‘offer to me, because you are wrong’. Offer what? Anything. ‘Do as I say, for you want so much to compensate for the wrong things you’ve done and the wrong that you are’.

And of course that trick is harming by itself, but the one who regularly exercises it becomes less and less aware of his own harming so he wont fall on the opposite side, and become the slave and the victim in turn. And that is how people become fanatics with harming each other, they refuse to see their own harm, and insist to look at -or imagine- another’s harm, in order to control them and avoid being controlled in that fashion.

The bottom line is you are not wrong. But the other is not wrong either. And it is impossible to keep making another wrong without getting some guilt back in some way or another and feel like compensating out of guilt or continuing to attack even harder than before thinking how wrong the other is. And if you think you have to fight to be right, well it means you have lost that in the first place, and that it depends upon another or others to be right and free.

Have a nice year being right.


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