Which wing is honesty?

…and aside from political wings, which philosophy, religion or other things represents it? The reason why I keep a distance when I do is just that.

Honesty -among other things- has been given a bad name. Some say honesty is to admit what’s wrong with you or what you’ve done wrong. Oddly, with honesty, or more generally with truth not much go wrong –if anything at all. Yes, ‘alrightness’ can be hypocritical, but so can ‘not-alrightness’ be.

Aside from words, what are the speaker’s intentions? I hear so much about love, justice, freedom and other good things, and to be honest I believe so little, if anything at all. I believe in my eyes more than in words –quite the opposite than I was taught in school. And I get to see things differently, and without adding things with my thinking, I don’t get to see much, to be honest. How come after all those centuries of preacing love, freedom, justice we still need to talk about and solve problems related to those things? They say it’s somebody else’s fault who also preaches the same on the other side. It’s always the ‘others’. I’d say somebody lies.

Don’t interpret that as that I am suspicious though, because there is also the bright side of it. Not believing in something dishonest can make you more trusting towards the honest, and also visa versa. And we have been taught to believe people that get paid to talk, and to be suspicious of our neighbors that just want to live, like us. The believing in few has made us distrustful towards the many. And then being isolated like that we tend to join any camp that claims to suport us through the waging war against some ‘bad guys’ that are but the other half of the believers, like us.

And as permanent soldiers, in artificial permanent emergency conditions we tend to be more and more suscectible to believing and to be being controlled. Emergencies require emergency measures and discipline to handle, you see. The truth of the matter is the world is much less depressive, dangerous and evil than what some pound all the time. But our believing so makes it much worse. We don’t believe it because it is so, we make it so while we believe it. We believe first, then we add the belief over the sight. We perceive through the glasses that some give us, and fail to perceive the obvious, that is often ‘nothing’ if we deduct from that what we add with our own thinking. I guess that’s what the plan is, as that is what happens; unless we don’t do it.

Did you know that the majority of both the rights the lefts want -more or less- the same things from life, but have been given oppising routes to attain them? And that is why they grow hostility among those opposites, so they’ll never find out. Nobody wants to have money stolen from him, and almost nobody wants to steal money. They both want for those who offer to be rewarded. And almost nobody wants pain and most everybody want pleasure. So then what’s the problem, and how come justice does not occur after all that blubbering?  How come those who want suffering are not on some opposite side against those who want to be well?

It’s because some few -who pretend to be on both sides but are really in none- lie and the rest play their games. It’s because if the honest awoke and played against the few rest, instead of playing against their other half,  those few rest would democratically lose. Forced connection, hostility and disconnection alternately, among many occurs so they wont realize their enemies are the few that create that forced connection, hostility and disconnection. And if those few were alone on some island with nobody to do the work for them, they would hardly survive at all. Because if somebody cannot even control himself, he feels it’s mandatory to control everybody else, instead. That is why. Those are the ‘useless eaters’, Mr Kissinger.


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