People try to correct what they think is wrong by reading and relaying reports they receive to everybody else. But when does the reported subject gets handled? When does that end?

My facebook is full of such reports and rarely of anything else –most often about politics. And what I notice is that reported situations seem to worsen -according to those reports- and not the opposite.

Eventually, I -and I assume others too- get the impression things cannot be handled; that bitterness is all that’s left. So then if it doesn’t get handled, whats the point in reporting it 10 times per day?

Aside from being naive, a sucker there can also be a conditions of being too hostile and critical, towards something that is not hostile, or even towards something that doesn’t even exist at all. Aside from being ignorant one can also know too much. In fact I have seen those two (being naive and being hostile towards a wrong target) go together.

A person under the influence of something harmful who doesn’t acknowledge it to be harmful will attack things that are not harmful, but he will -in fact- attack things that are against what harms him. And that’s about how some wind up attacking all life and then of course getting attacked back.

Do you know anyone who’s critical of everything and do you -to any degree- adopt his perspective? That could be a good question that one could use to himself to snap out of a perspective that everything is against him.

Bottom down, to experience something good, it must be created first. And if we only focus on rooting out what we perceive to be wrong (whether that exists or whether it is wrong is another subject), nothing will be created to enjoy; only complain will be left. In fact, if we knew the whole truth of what we were trying to root out, we would eventually finish rooting it out. The fact it never ends is proof that we don’t.

I think facebook and other means of getting together and freely communicating could be nice opportunities to bring what we want into existence –politically or otherwise. Those could be very powerful tools that bypass the few that might want to control the many. And I believe that is why some try to spread the idea that there is some harsh, bitter reality that cannot be handled and get us absorbed into trying to solve that. It starts from few sources, and it gets spread by the rest as they believe it.


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