The importance of limits in success

The notion that limits are importance in success must sound odd to most, and it’s understandable. In fact, I think to just call them ‘important’ doesn’t stress how important they are.

When somebody tries to succeed he might try to take away limits, just to find out that doesn’t work. In order to succeed there must be limits. Let’s write that down 100 times all over the walls so we wont forget it.

Without limits there is nothing to succeed in. Succeeding means to overcome limits, and it doesn’t mean anything else. And without limits there is nothing to succeed in. Moreover there can’t be any life without limits.

Set limits yourself and there will be something to succeed in. Set no limits and you will find them being set by things you don’t seem to control.

Somebody says ‘I can’t do that’ and he wishes he could do it. He starts from the notion that there is a limit and he tries to take it out. And that’s why he doesn’t make it. There just has to be some limit(s).

In truth there is no ‘can’t’; one always starts from complete freedom. And that becomes a problem in life wherein limits are essential. To need food, joy, to be subjected to gravity, to need to travel distances and exist in time are all limits. And if one tries to take all those away he will either find more limits, or no life –he wont be alive.

Make up your mind about it, there can’t be living life without any limits whatsoever. BUT you can have choices over what limits you want to experience. In fact you can set them yourself.

When somebody thinks he can’t do something, he sets a limit. And the way to quit setting it is to know he sets it himself, as well as to know he can set other limits as well. Do you think you can’t do that? That’s great, think of it more. Just do it. If you do it willingly and knowingly you will know it is you who thinks it. And it is you who thinks it after all. Moreover, be sure you can set other limits too. Sit and think of some limits. Think of plenty of limits and enjoy them, and what do you know, you will have less limits that seems to be set all by themselves. In truth, you set them all. So why set them without knowing it, while you can set them while you know it? That way you will have more choices over what limits -what life- to experience.


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