Ideas about a group

It’s been ‘in my mind’ for a while now to create a group, wherein people of similar interests, perspectives, goals can discuss and actually assist each other in life, in general.

I have found out empirically too that to know what is, is as important as to create what is; and those two should better be balanced. So, other than. just exchanging perspectives about how things are, how they could become, we could collaborate to make things happen.

Make what happen?

Well, the limits are only ourselves, of course. But the main ideas is to offer to each other instead of trying to take from each other, like in that ‘free market’. And to voluntarily change the group (ourselves and each other) and not attempt to change things outside the group –a thing which some groups -much like individuals- attempt to do without other’s actual consent.

I’m sure all can ‘have’ valuable things to offer, and if they don’t practice that, if they don’t intend to practice that at all, they might as well never know it themselves!

Things we could do

Really, anything as long as it’s legal, of assistance to each other, and not harmful. We could exchange cooking recipes, tips about life, we could collaborate to make money, movies, music or rule the Galaxy (almost kidding). In fact the group could also have subgroups too, each one for specialized subject.


Anything goes as long as it’s not harmful. Really guys, as much as I like my freedom I wouldn’t want to be part of a group if somebody handed bleach candy to people to cure them of all illness or anything like that. So either he should stop, leave or I would.

There are groups already

But the problem is most -if not all- that I know don’t suit me. A group could be a country. But because people live in proximity to each other it doesn’t mean they have anything in common with each other –at least not before they get forced to. I’d like that –to have some basic self-determined, common agreements. 

If anybody has any ideas, or would be willing to join, let me know.


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