Why the good guys appear weak

A difference between a good and a bad guy is his perception of all others, and consequently how he treats them. Does one think most others deserve goodness or rather the opposite? Of course there can be many conditions in-between, such as not bothering with others at all.

One who thinks of all others as bad might assume a permanent hostile or treacherous stance against all and imprint in their minds the impression he is strong to dominate them. But that’s an imprinted impression.

One who doesn’t indiscriminately use force against others is not necessarily weak. He’s more likely not mad. One doesn’t need to go mad to become strong.

If the circumpstance reallyt demanded it an apparent angel could become a beast. And if no circumpstance demanded it, then even better, that wouldn’t need to occur at all; and nobody would ever know what that good guy could be like. But would one be the guy who beated the child or be the one who beated the guy who beated the child, if such a thing occured? That is the difference.

The weak try to dominate the rest as they’re not strong enough to deal with them while they think of them all to be enemies, and children are an easy target for such domination. They try to imprint in their mind the impression they are good, great, strong etc along with fear and other emotions that would weaken them. Thus they appear very strong. But it is the opposite. The strong pull others to their level, and the weak do the same too.

If somebody pulled you up, he would most likely be the one who’d also defend you, if it was needed –even better he’d make so it wouldn’t be needed at all. It wouldn’t the guy who’d try to dominate you, but would most likely make it so another would attack you, instead.


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