Why be normal

Because you can’t precisely define it, since it is not a fixed thing. But you know you ought to be it.

Because your own perspective of how things are, what decisions to make and of what is right and wrong should be overpowered by that of others who in turn have it overpowered by others who…

Because you ought to wonder all the time whether what you are say and so is in alignment with what others consider normal. And if it isn’t you ought to be quiet.

Because we must be intolerant of different perspectives unless declared otherwise by certain self made authorities.

Because not normal means dangerous. But if you found out something you shouldn’t, or maybe make something happen that you shouldn’t? What if you didn’t keep it to yourself?

Because we can’t have a society wherein few profit off the naivety of the majority, with people who -at least try to- control their own selves or co-operate at will.

Because you ought to eventually accept that everything, everyone is bad, that is how it’s always been, that is how it’s supposed to be, and then try to be positive about it.

Because the serene, ideal picture of normal life never comes.

Because all the above somehow adds up to being free.

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