The robots are taking over

No, they’re not taking over the world. They’re taking over your jobs. It is being cooked right now, and it’s going to be cool.

Since it’s still the beginning, those machines are still expensive to buy, and not all can afford them. But mega-corporations who can afford them are buying them right now, as it is cheaper and more effective to buy and to maintain them than it is to pay salaries. Soon most repetitive and tough factory jobs will be replaced by them, and human staff will be minimal –not to mention that some of those robots are able to replace less ‘robotic’ jobs as well.


Aside from the obvious ‘doom and gloom’ and more and more will be losing their jobs in the months and years to come, there is much more; production will be increasing cheaply and effortlessly and there will be potential for a cheaper abundance of products.

Current political ideologies are all gradually going to go by the boards; as they as all based on the human being the worker, and that is going to change. Work will be still available, but it will be less, and it will also be less needed. And in order to cope with the oncoming massive unemployment there is going to be a Universal Basic Income. What does that mean? It means  you’re going to be getting paid for nothing, and without anyone screaming that you stole that money from him, since that ‘him’ will in that case be a robot.

Later on, more free stuff will exist, but let’s focus on the more immediate future for now.

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