Different expressions of the same

We are the different colors, the painting, the painters and the eyes that view them.

We are the one who said let there be painters.

We took different paths -often chaotic ones- to try out, explore our unknown potential.

Some said ‘let there be one color’ or ‘let there be one painter’ or ‘lets all combine into one painting’ or ‘let’s blend into one color’ but never fully made it. How would you like for everything to be the same? I guess we wanted to explore that too.

In a way, our differences don’t make us different, for we are the ones who make the differences and the similarities.

We can blend harmonically, fight chaotically, be the same or not. Deep down we are not the one thing, we are the maker of the things, and we can become the things too.

From that perspective nothing is wrong. What could be wrong about a painting after all? Only in presence of rules something can be wrong. And life has them, as much and for as long as we say it has them. Limits are part of our freedom. We can play along, oppose them, transcend them, know them or not, lie about them, win or lose in accordance to them. And who knows what else?


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