Higher Awareness

Despite what one might be going through in life, there can be a thing that can keep him going, other than his obvious impulse to be alive –a hope for a higher awareness, to understand life better, to understand his problems better and eventually resolve them.

The goal of religion, spirituality, philosophy, psychology has been that. And one might argue that some of those guys didn’t do it well, or that nobody did it well, either because he didn’t know or because he wanted to use others. But regardless, that’s supposed to be the objective.

I can have opinions -many of them- about various matters. And I don’t consider that one has a higher awareness if he agrees with me. I think he has a higher awareness the more he agrees with himself. Because high up he knows what he agrees with or not, and bottom down he doesn’t. Higher awareness means self awareness, the knowing oneself. And the more one knows himself the more he can understand others, life. And the less he knows himself the less he can understand others. And that is why trying to forcefully make people fit in a group will never work. And that is why internally free people can afford to be genuinely nice to each other, they can really understand each other, if they choose to.

Higher awareness in life means more life, and lower means more death. And it’s been a mistake to teach that mankind can learn through pain. All that meant was that mankind could learn through lower awareness. It was the opposite. The lessons taught were not nice lessons, and they lead to two world wars about a century ago, as well as many others here and there. And I believe it was a pivotal point when Eisenhower decided to treat his enemy with some respect, after he had won the war from his side. It seems he understood the problem better than others. He knew if he treated Germany like it had been treated after WW1, not only the problem would not be solved, but it would get exaggerated, like it had gotten exaggerated after WW1.

If you’re a little sane you know you cannot resolve pain with more pain and death with more death. You need to add life, instead. You need to pull people up to a higher awareness. You need to help and not to punish them. And I mean really help, not give them poison that causes pleasant hallucinations and other tricks like that.

That is how you can help one on an individual level and that is how you can help a group as well. And that’s all that’s wrong with them.


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