Quantity and quality

‘Two is greater than one’ says mathematics, and I would consequently ask ‘two of what, greater than what one, and by what means greater, anyway?’

If in a parliament all asserted something except one parliament members, somebody would assume that one guy wouldn’t have the truth that the others had, no?

If in a court fifteen people asserted that a defendant was guilty and only one asserted otherwise, that person would get convicted, no?

If in one’s past experiences all people of a certain sex had been bad, that person wouldn’t imagine it could be different from that point on, or for other people, no?

But you do know all the above don’t need to be true, right? I mean how hard would it be for some gangster to go bribe or threaten some people to testify for him and against another?

That’s what happens when we stop measuring height, distance etc with mathematics, and we start measuring truth, living beings and life.

That is how the rule of the majority can wind up working against the majority. The majority gets taught that more is better, that more quantity equals more quality, that truth is a matter of how many believe and repeat something. And that’s the role of repetition in ‘education’.

No matter how many believe and assert something, it doesn’t make it more true. Let’s not start describing what the majority used to believe that we now find funny –such as that the Earth is flat.  But I can tell you I never believe something I don’t directly experience myself. And if I do experience something at some point, it wont mean I will be experiencing that forever, from that point on, either. Each event exists in it’s own place and time. It doesn’t have to repeat. And no matter how many times I wrote something down in here, and no matter how many others wrote the same, it wouldn’t make it more true. And no matter how loud we yelled it, it wouldn’t be more true, either.

‘Read books, so you wont be ignorant’ some keep pounding. What if the book you read were about raping people, or maybe about some specific political ideology? Will you be less ‘ignorant’ then?

There is something worse than not knowing, and that is being convinced that you know. In fact if somebody knows what he doesn’t know he can then learn something.

That’s what Socrates means by saying that he knew nothing. Ironically his words get taught in school and then school does the opposite. How many of the things you read and hear do you actually know?


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