Getting practical with self-help

According to some people’s pespective there are two kinds of people: There are those who need help, and then there are those who don’t need help. And then they see ‘needing help’ as something derogatory to them, or they use it as a derogatory term for others –to make them wrong. And that is only because some who supposedly offered help didn’t really do it, and some others who supposedly received help didn’t really receive it. And in the end the one who supposedly ‘offered help’ became an offender, and the guy who ‘received help’ became a victim and was left there feelng he was wrong; in other words, betrayal.

And if you examined the lives of the people that supposedly ‘don’t need help’ you might find that there are things they would like improve, or they have accepted the existence of those things they no longer think it’s even possible to improve them. And instead of trying to change them or have them disappear or make something else instead, they live their lives in accordance to them.

There is nothing really derogatory about neither giving nor receiving help, as long as it is genuine help –as long as there is an actual intention to give help, to receive help, and as long as that actually occurs in the end.

Now, aside from very very spiritual approaches that maybe not all could easily grasp and apply, there can be many other methods that one could use to help himself as well as others. Based on logic alone, and not in practical experience I have invented one (in fact, I have invented many). And it could be used by somebody well and by another not that well, and frankly I can’t know unless I know that it’s worked for 100000 people out of the 100000 that have used it. But I’m going to give it to you anyway, because I know I would take it. And you can use it -or not- with your own volition and responsibility.

In case you have noticed already, a person who is ‘used to’ certain things, doesn’t have a hard time experiencing those things again, and visa versa. One who is used to having money, is more likely able to have more money. And one who is used to fighting in rings wouldn’t have much of a problem doing that again –at least not as much as another. One could try to rationalize that and say that person does so because circumpstances, and that’s it all about circumpstance. And my answer to that would be that circumpstances are again very relevant to what a person can create and experience. So, we’ll be addressing that instead of addressing circumpstances that could be (in)effectively be addressed inside a parliament, and after endless debate have about nothing really change. So, let’s actually change something ourselves.

I want you to think of something that you would like to experience but you’ve had a hard time experiencing –it either isn’t going that well or isnn’t occur at all. And I would like you to invent ways that it would go well. The focus is not at all in figuring out those ways that it could go well, but in inventing it going well. In other words, if you have a ‘can’t’ then make it a ‘can’ again and again untill there is no ‘can’t’. That is how to kick a ‘can’t’ out and not by trying to figure it out, in which case you could bring it into existence.

How many times have you sat and tried to figure out the hows and whys you couldn’t experience something and then you actually could after that? I know it never worked out for me, you know better if it’s ever worked out for you.

You could take some sheets of paper and write down how you would like it to be. In doing so you shouldn’t judge what you write at all. You should take it all as valid. Freely write anything you want. After you’re done, do it again. If you have a hard time doing it, pay no heed, but keep on doing it over and over. The point is to unleash your creativity to a degree that you can easily unleash it, and not hinder it from that point on. For only you can stop it, despite the circumpstances. Do it untill you feel very comfortable about that matter, and don’t stop if you feel uncomfortable.

I wish you success.

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