Your value and other good characteristics

I stumbled upon a discussion yesterday wherein a woman was feeling degraded as somebody had made negative remarks about her looks. It seems to me now from that point on she was looking for support by means of confirmation from others, to tell her that she looked good and that the guy was wrong –in other words more of the mistake that had led her there. I don’t think the guy was honest (why would you message somebody to tell him/her he/she is ugly?), but regardless I told her the truth I know:There is no objective beautiful/ugly, but there can be tastes. Also keep in mind that some get attracted to what they consider worthy, to admire, praise it etc, while some others do so to degrade it (overtly or covertly).

Hopefully, although I didn’t give the praise she wanted, I did help her completely and from that point on snap out of that game of being subjected to other’s perspectives concerning her looks.

To have a ‘most beautiful of all’ you must set standards what beautiful should be like first. Even worse to have a ‘most successful than all’ you must convince others what to succeed in first. To be honest I rarely ever like any of those beauty contest winners, and I don’t wanna be successful like mr David Rockefeller who’s had 7 heart transplants, either.


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