Going through obstacles

You probably know of that guy who faces tremendous opposition and yet he goes through it and reaches the point he wants. You also know of the one who gets stuck on the first obstacle and goes back to where he started. And you might also know of the guy who faces almost no obstacles at all. One could assert it is because of circumstances. But who makes circumstances or who consents to their existence? Why do some keep stumbling on obstacles more and others  much less within a span of 70 years although they live in the same neighborhood, are of the same sex, and are subjected to the same laws, luck?

Never blame the circumpstances. In fact never blame anybody. A very certain way to get stuck on an obstacle and go back to where you started -unless you can’t even get there- is to assume an  obstacle you have -or you think you have- has nothing to do with you –that it is of another’s making. And it works the same with your own thoughts too. If you think you don’t make your own thoughts, you will also assert you’re not controlling them, and so it will appear to be like to you and to those who agree with you.

Responsibility isn’t about blame. If you get into who’s to blame you’re already there –you’re stuck. And to get back home will feel like bliss compared to that. It might appear to you that through blaming and attacking you’ll be getting some ‘upper hand’ in a situation. But if you get an ‘upper hand’ against the creator of your situation, you get an upper hand against yourself; in which case you would also get the opposite too. That’s how some even during the last moments before defeat look like winners. They’ve only won against themselves.

The only way to appear to get an upper hand against another would be to trigger him do the same to himself; then it would appear as if you were doing it, but he would be doing it to himself. Thus, one should be able to remain uninfluenced by other’s words, actions and reactions, and stick to his own goals.

False ‘winners’ try to trigger you when they boast that through unfair and unethical attitude they win at life. They try hard to appear as winners and you trigger yourself hard in turn. So then you figure you should adopt their attitude and try to win the way they do, and you fall on your face. They’re not to blame either, they just do to you what they do to themselves. ‘Look how happy I am although I mess everybody up including myself’; but what you don’t know is that guy needs to swallow various kinds pills or maybe make facial and other exercises to hide his own pain from himself, and then from you too. He doesn’t arrive anywhere. But he’ll make sure you think so, and that it’s great where he is.

It is important in succeeding to know who creates what. If you know you create something, you can also quit creating it. It’s that simple. And it’s the most effective way to go through an obstacle that you put there yourself –don’t put it.

And although it can be good to know about the existence of a bear trap so you wont walk over it, to go blame and attack it will be as good as to push your face against it. Actually, that’s why it’s put there in the first place, and that is why some will roar for you to go do it (they won’t go do it themselves).


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