Life is not serious

…well, not for me anyway.

I have experienced many many things that could deem serious –loss of loved ones, fear of death, stress… and I have experienced some of them very deeply ‘in my bones’. But the truth of the matter is -for me- those weren’t the truth of the matter.

I needed to view from a panoramic view to get the whole picture. No, I;m not going to tell me that life is good etc, in fact I’ll let you make your own life as you want it. But in my experiences, much of my life was full of untruths, that made it more and more serious.

I’d like to help a friend, but I don’t think I would ever help him or her if I agreed that his problems are harsh. If you zoom out from them, if you quit considering you’re inside them, you will get it, if you haven’t already. But keep this ‘in mind’ if you want, nothing can happen to you. Even death (‘my own’) seem to me as tragic as quitting playing Hearthstone for today. On the contrary, you can do -and probably do- much more than you might think.


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