How the minority fooled the majority

Democracy, the rule of the majority takes as basis of it’s thinking that the majority of people is more honest, able, and good-willing than the minority. Also it takes for granted ‘the greatest good‘, meaning that it is better to assist 10 persons than to assist 1, through your policies as a state.

Why doesn’t that occur? It didn’t occur during communist times and it doesn’t occur during neo-liberal times. How come?

The reason is under everybody’s nose; the majority neither thinks for itself nor does it speak it’s own words –it is driven by minorities; in which case, it -very indirectly- winds up making decisions against it’s own interests.

The ones most obsessed with controlling ‘the masses’ are criminal minorities; for as long as they’re not seen for what they are (despite their claims), for as long as their words are believed more than their acts are witnessed.

They all use the good things like ‘ethics’, ‘freedom’ etc to create smokescreens, confuse and control. And in their doing so they turn large chunks of the majority against other large chunks of the majority, and through that chaos and other’s misfortune they prevail. Only that way they could prevail. The conflicts among races, sexes, religions, financial classes etc are driven by such people.

You could tell who the criminal was by merely observing him doing that. But the problem is they often don’t do it directly themselves; they do it through others.

A common mistake people do is to confuse ‘liberalism’ with ‘neo-liberalism’ which although appear similar, is by no means similar. In liberalism all are supposed to be free to employ themselves, and the state shouldn’t hamper that. In neo-liberalism few employ the majority. So you see how that is not much different than the state-control that liberalism used to oppose. Liberalism took as granted that the majority would succeed in employing itself, while neo-liberalism asserts that can only be accomplished through some elitist minority –which is no different than elitist class of statesmen. And so that ‘greatest good’ goes by the boards. It is ironic and sad to see that mentality in the states, that broke free for the sake of liberalism itself.

There is no real antagonism between nations, in a true, uninfluenced rule of the majority. The majority never wants antagonism without getting triggered to do so. The antagonism is created for as long and as much as the majority of one turns against itself and against others (those two go together) through the influence of minorities.


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