Inherited racism

Racism is inherent in religions wherein a race (or races) is supposedly given the right by God to dominate there rest, as well as in sciences wherein genetic traits (good or bad) get transferred from ancestors to children and so on. In both cases, a person is deemed unchangeable, inherently good, bad, able, disabled by God or by nature. Thus classifications about superiors and inferiors can exist, not based on one’s own deeds but based on ones ancestors, birthplace,and other circumstances. Thus, your grand grand children can also inherit your country’s dept.

One can’t logically oppose racism while adhering to one of the above. It is a contradiction. And it is ‘hiding behind your finger’.

Neo-liberalism -being a monstrous mutation and mockery of traditional liberalism- is at large based on the same frame of logic, and is there to ensure certain familiar will have financial power forever. One’s ancestors give a child the right or curse to be above or below others, financially, through inheritance (or not) of wealth, and not through his own offerings (so called ‘work’) to society.

I heard mr DT boasting about his winner’s genes and smart brains in the morning, and I wondered how would those genes and brains help him had he been born in a poor family? He’d probably build towers by working for an average salary, no?

It isn’t that I have any problem with success. I have a problem with stealing success out of others, convincing them that success is limited and only few can have it. That is suppression. And although I do like doggies, I don’t like to live in a world of dogs that lick their masters and bark at their enemies to get a bone. I want to live in a world with cats, who claim what’s to become their own.


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