Why the truth doesn’t hurt

A common response of a person that goes through something stressful, painful or otherwise something he would call negative is be to try to reduce it’s intensity.

That can be done in various ways, which I wont get into now. But it’s common to see one try to be happy, to feel good while in a situation that makes him feel bad. This way he creates a wall between himself and what makes him feel bad. And if he removes some part of that wall, or the whole wall, all that feeling bad can then be perceived again in it’s entirety. That’s why the truth in many cases appears to hurt.

However, that is not true. For what makes him feel bad in the first place is inadequate truth. One could find -if he examined a condition properly- that what he used to think the condition was -even before the building that wall- wasn’t really that, or there wasn’t a condition all –at least not for him.

Perhaps you have an awareness that it is like that or you don’t. For me the truth of the matter is, we will never stop seeking truth, and will never settle with anything that. That is how we push ourselves to compulsively think and other things –it is that quest for truth. Whether we to know it or not, is another subject. But that’s why we do it.

In the very end of that quest, the most basic truth you will find will be you.


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