Common logical fallacies and other false statements in politics and the media

If one or some or many do something it means everybody (or everybody in that group of people) does it too.

Not true; if the reports are not utterly false or exaggerated, it means one or some or many do something, it means nothing about everybody. Also it could be they were provoked to do something (bad). The whole scene must be be examined thoroughly.

If ten agree over something and one doesn’t, it means that those ten are right and the other guy is wrong.

Not true; particularly if those ten are influence by one or few.

If somebody has money it is because he is more clever or more skilled in something and consequently more useful to society.

Not true; you need to examine thoroughly how he got that money first, before you can claim he deserved it. He can -however- be always useful and worshiped by those who lurk around people with money to get some too.

Country A does something to country B.

Not true; until you find out what all people in country A and B do, or agree to be done by their representatives.

Religious people believe in books while scientific people believe in reality.

Not true; Until you experiment with and observe a theory in practice, -which is the scientific way- you believe in books too. In fact scientific researchers observe a phenomenon first, then invent the theory –unless they become $motivated$ to do it the opposite way.

If you’re not with us it’s because you’re against us.

Not true; unless you put yourself against me (or us) for not being with you.

Religion opposes gay people.

As far as I know, that is true in 3 major monotheistic religions. But the psychiatric community that recently invented ‘homophobia’ used to call gay people severely mentally ill until the 70s and treat them harshly.

Fighting can bring about freedom.

Fighting is trying to reduce another’s freedom (to live, to speak, to be well…) and to impose yourself in that fashion. It is absurd to fight for some objective freedom. If you fight against a source of suppression, you try to reverse the suppression, not bring about freedom. And until all agree with you or otherwise be like how you want them to be like, you’ll be doing that and you will be the suppressor.


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